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Staff Apparel

Encompass is committed to providing you with a wide array of fashionable and functional professional staff apparel. We feature high quality apparel designed for virtually every point of care your medical and facility staff will encounter.

From stylish and fashionable staff apparel to basic utility scrubs, classically styled lab coats to fluid protective lab apparel, Encompass has the right answer for your staff apparel needs.

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A-1 Scrub Apparel

A1 is the perfect answer to your need for stylish and functional staff apparel. With several great colors, prints and styles, A1 gives you a multitude of options for your staff. These scrubs are construction from heavy, apparel-grade fabric designed to be both comfortable and keep its color even under the harshest washing conditions. A1's comfortable blended fabric has earned the "Natural Blend" logo from Cotton Incorporated. Disperse-vat-dyeing produces a chemical bond between the dye and the fabric fibers. As a result, the garments fade very little when exposed to bleaching agents. A1 staff apparel offers the maximum balance of comfort and durability in the market place today.

Synergy Scrub Apparel

Synergy scrubs perfectly blend durability and value with a fashionable variety of styles and colors. They are made of Synergy fabric, a durable blend that is comfortable, opaque, and quick drying. Synergy fabric offers minimal shrinkage as well as is fade and wrinkle resistance. Additionally, a stain release has been added to enhance performance and keep scrubs looking fresh and new. The features of Synergy staff apparel make it an ideal choice for when laundering and processing performance are your number one priority.

Essentials Scrub Apparel

Essentials scrubs are made from a lightweight sheeting fabric and are designed for comfort and breathability at a cost effective price. Additionally, to ensure colorfastness wash after wash, Essentials scrubs are disperse vat dyed. Essentials are available in two institutional color code systems to meet your size identification needs.

Professional Lab Apparel

Encompass delivers protection, performance and comfort in our professional lab apparel line. Each lab coat brings a perfect blend of style and function, while performance fabrics enhance the multiple product features and user benefits of our line. Along with the quality products from Encompass, this line features lab apparel from one of the most recognized names in healthcare apparel, META Labwear.

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Protective Apparel

Within healthcare facilities, universal precaution and infection control are simply a way of life. They have become not just a convenience but also a necessity. The Encompass line of Protective Apparel provides you the right products to meet this necessary requirement.

We offer several different styles of reusable Isolation and Precaution gowns to meet your exact needs from basic coverage to fluid resistancy.