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Outer Down Pillows

How to build a perfect pillow? First we overfill the inner core with a supportive blend of the finest feather and down. Then we surround it with four ounces of lofty, hypoallergenic down. Covered in 100% cotton, down-proof fabric, double stitched and corded for a tailored appearance and secure closure. Featured at Aloft™ Hotels.

HS-85/15ST Standard (20" X 26") Blend of Duck Feathers & Down 30oz. 12
HS-85/15QN Queen (20" X 30") Blend of Duck Feathers & Down 34oz. 10
HS-85/15KG King (20" X 36") Blend of Duck Feathers & Down 40oz. 8

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Outer Down Pillows
The Pillow Factory

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