Better care starts with safety and comfort.
HYscent is safe, simple and non-toxic

Introducing the HYscent® Air Care Management System

Safe, simple and cost-effective solution that will eliminate malodor in your facility

Managing air quality can be quite challenging in healthcare facilities. Most odor management products “mask” malodors rather than eliminate them. The current alternatives of aerosols, hydrogen cells, liquids and multi-phase systems all have drawbacks - environmental issues, leaks and spills, high maintenance, and even health hazards. And at the end of the day, they don’t do a very good job of eliminating odors, and can even add strong smells to the environment in an attempt to mask odors.

HYscent was designed to be safe, simple, non-toxic, easy-to-use and cost effective. But most importantly, HYscent eliminates malodors, it does not mask malodors. You can also choose to leave behind a refreshing fragrance of your choosing as an added benefit, or go unscented for a clean, fresh environment.

HYscent® is your ‘5-S’ Solution

  1. Safe – All natural product created from the earth with a blend of 13 essential oils and fragrances
    • Non-Allergenic
    • No harmful chemicals
    • No dangerous propellants
    • All-dry system. All refills are dry cartridges – no mess!
    • Less maintenance required – less ladder time!
  2. Simultaneous – Eliminates malodor while introducing a refreshing fragrance in to the environment (or fresh and clean unscented)
  3. Scientific – Does not mask odor! It eliminates odor at the molecular level. Odoraxe™ technology distorts malodor.
  4. Simple – easy to manage, requires very little maintenance and easy to operate
  5. Smart financially – a typical 120-bed senior living facility can manage their entire facility for under $200 per month.

Fragrance Refills with Odoraxe™ Odor Neutralizing Technology

Odoraxe™ technology was designed to organically eliminate malodors at the molecular level and improve indoor air quality. All HYscent refills contain Odoraxe, a malodor-eliminating technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors, actually neutralizing malodors rather than simply “masking” them.

Odoraxe is effective against malodors such as tobacco smoke, bathroom smells, body malodor, pet, mildew, kitchen and cooking smells.

Odor refers to the property of a substance which makes it perceptible to the sense of smell. Odor has two basic components – intensity and character. Intensity can be high or low, and character can be perceived as pleasant or unpleasant.

Odor control products that only mask odors try to raise the intensity level of a pleasant odor above that of an unpleasant odor. The result can be overpowering and distracting. HYscent’s neutralization/counteraction is a sensory-perceived reduction odor process.

How Odoraxe works

Fragrance malodor counteractants share common areas of receptor sites with many of the known malodor-causing chemicals. HYscent optimizes the concentration in the room of the malodor counteractants which are then built into the fragrance refills to interact with the receptor proteins in the nose and render or neutralize them, thus making them unavailable to malodor detection. No interaction means no signal generation and hence no perception by the sense of smell.

Odoraxe molecule interacts with malodor molecule in the air.
The malodor molecule distorts.
The malodor molecule no longer has the precise characteristics to interact with receptors sites in the nose.
Malodor eliminated in the nose.

HYScent Overview

For more information on the HYscent® Air Care Management System, click here to download a HYscent brochure, or please contact us directly or your local Encompass Group representative.

HYscent Dual

HYscent Solo

HYscent Pod

HYscent® Devices

HYscent® Dual
Alternate or blend fragrances
  • Fragrances up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Silent operation centrifugal dual-fan technology

HYscent® Solo

Compact, sleek, effective for single rooms
  • Fragrances up to 250 sq. ft.
  • Silent operation centrifugal dual-fan technology

HYscent® Pod

Perfect for any small space
  • Fragrances up to 100 sq. ft.
  • No batteries required

HYscent® Fragrance Refills

One-click Refill Cartridge Fits all Devices

  • All cartridges are made with Odoraxe™ technology
  • Works with the HYscent Dual, Solo and Pod
  • Made from a proprietary medical grade polymer
  • Works with HYscent Dual, HYscent Solo, and HYscent Pod

HYscent® InVent

Invisibly Sleek and Versatile

  • Works with your existing HVAC airflow
  • Virtually invisible when clipped onto air vent
  • Fill an entire area with fragrance in minutes

HYscent® Cyclone

The men's room never smelled so good!

  • Proprietary malodor counteractant formulation
  • Awesome high fragrance impact
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Designed for ultra-low splashback
  • VOC Compliant