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Increase Brand Appeal with Updated Window Coverings

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
August 2017


Census is an ongoing issue for most senior living facilities. To address census concerns, senior living administrators not only need to ensure top quality care, they also need to ensure the facility’s image and marketability are up to par. In today’s competitive senior living landscape, this can often mean that it comes down to the details.

Touring is a large part of marketing your facility as it allows prospective residents and their families to view the grounds, observe the daily activities, and get a feel for your facility. When there is immediate availability, tours often also include a look at resident rooms, which allows prospective residents an opportunity to imagine themselves living in your space. As an administrator, you’ll want to ensure that during this vital stage, your facility is presented as a welcoming, home-like environment.

Update your window coverings to increase your marketability.

Help present your facility as a welcoming, home-like environment by udpating your window coverings

Unattractive window coverings do little to create a positive impression and window coverings that don’t match your brand decor well, appear to be low quality, or are outdated, may actually steer prospective residents away from feeling comfortable in your facility.

Updating window coverings provides an opportunity to impact the feel of a room or even the whole building. For example: traditional full-length curtains can create artificial symmetry for windows that are off-center in the room, redirecting the resident’s eye and creating the illusion of a centered window. This improves the visual appeal of the space. High-hung, high-end fabrics, blinds or shades can also create more of a grand appeal, creating a comfortable environment for residents looking for more of a luxury experience. Choosing window coverings in colors that complement your branding will enhance the flowing feel of the building.

Use window coverings to highlight other marketable aspects of your facility.

If your facility is located in a setting that provides a particularly nice view, simple window coverings can act like a lens by drawing attention to it without overpowering the scenery outside. In situations where a resident’s room features less desirable views, sheer drapery may help hide it while still allowing the natural light in the room.

Choose window coverings that are functional.

When considering window coverings, it’s important to think about brand, form and function: First, consider any problems that you require your curtains to solve. To block light while residents rest or to save on energy costs, a heavier or lined curtain would be the best option because their weight will ensure they stay closed. You can even use them to cool a space if they are closed during the heat of the day.

At Encompass Group LLC, our experience in the senior care market has taught us the value of a room elegantly outfitted with classic draperies, shades, and blinds. As proud owners and operators of a Window Covering, Cubicle Curtain and Bedspread Manufacturing Plant in Big Lake, Minnesota, we know what the job entails – from routine installation to windows with odd shapes, high placement, or special accessibility requirements. Call 1-800-245-4636 or email me today to start planning your custom window covering design.


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