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5 ways a staff uniform identification program benefits your facility

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
April 2017


The term scrubs, used to describe uniforms that are worn by many caregivers and medical professionals, dates back many years and started with the nurses and doctors who had to “scrub in” before entering a surgical unit. Today, scrubs are worn as uniforms everywhere caregiving happens.

Scrubs for all your caregiving needs

But only recently have senior living facilities moved toward using scrubs more strategically to increase their residents’ safety and comfort. Through the adoption of a staff identification uniform program, senior living facilities can make their residents feel more comfortable about who are walking the halls of their facility. There are a number of reasons these uniform identification programs improve safety and comfort within senior living facilities, but here are five of the best:

  1. Better identification, classification and uniformity. A staff identification uniform program using color-coded scrubs provides a convenient way to easily distinguish staff according to their respective departments and quickly identify individuals who do not belong in specific staff-only areas of your facility. A staff uniform program also helps establish a professional business image that is attractive to current and prospective residents.
  2. Added protection for your residents. Scrubs designed specifically for healthcare professionals can help reduce cross-contamination risk. Reducing the spread of infectious contaminations is important for the well-being of all residents, especially those individuals with compromised immune systems. Reducing infection outbreaks can also improve your facility’s ratings.
  3. Added protection for your staff. Scrubs are a barrier of protection from accidental spills or other fluids your caregivers may come in contact with while caring for residents. Knowing you have your employees’ safety in mind helps staff remain happy and engaged.
  4. Provides both comfort and function. Scrubs are easy to customize. You can choose from any combination of fabric, style and color you want to fit your facility’s look. Plus, scrubs also come in a variety of textiles with varying levels of stretch to fit any body without restricting movement. Comfortable uniforms make it easier for caregivers to continue providing quality care during long shifts.
  5. Promotes good hygiene and cost efficiency. When you provide uniforms for your staff, it saves them money that they would otherwise spend on clothing to wear that meets your facility’s appearance guidelines. When you launder and disinfect staff uniforms using a cost-efficient commercial laundry service, you not only ensure the cleanliness of the uniform textiles, you also eliminate the time and money staff would have to spend laundering their own uniforms.

Bio Stretch uniforms provide comfort and safety

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that long-term care facilities shifted to favoring scrubs as the uniform of choice for their staff members who are providing top-quality care for residents.

From stylish and fashionable prints to basic utility scrubs, BIO Scrubs has the right product to meet your facility’s uniform needs. Call your local Encompass Group LLC representative at 1-800-328-5525 today to start developing your staff uniform program.


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