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Top 4 Products to Create Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Environments

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
April 2016


As the industry shifts toward patient-reported outcomes, it’s becoming increasingly important for Senior Living facilities to ensure that their residents feel safe and comfortable. This may require administrators, purchasing managers, and clinicians to consider new ways to ensure their residents’ safety. We’ve identified 4 key product categories that will help ensure resident safety at a facility-wide level.

Preventing DVT with innovative bed linens

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is one of the listed “Never Events” according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), so it’s in your best interest and your residents’ to ensure that you’re doing all you can to encourage circulation. Bed linens that are too tight against a resident’s leg can interrupt blood flow.

One solution is the Revolution Linen™ system, which is design for patient comfort and range of motion. This unique linen system will help to eliminate pressure points for residents and is guaranteed to relieve pressure on residents’ feet. The unique bottom sheet envelope design holds securely in place on the bed, while the Revolution “toe-pleat” Top Sheet provides extra toe room to ensure residents’ comfort. In addition, the no fold linen system reduces costs by saving time for caregivers and laundry services alike.

Revolution Linen System

Foregoing cotton cleaning products for micro-denier textiles

Cotton string mops and buckets are a major cause of cross contamination; rather than remove or eliminate pathogens, they push germs around. It’s common practice in the industry to pair disinfectants with cotton cleaning products, however, rarely are they given the dwell time needed to absorb into the cotton to effectively kill pathogens. As an alternative to cotton string mops, consider using micro-denier textiles. This high performing fabric reaches into microscopic crevices to pick up pathogens, trap and remove them; capabilities that are ideal for infection prevention and control. Micro-denier textiles work hand-in-hand with any cleaning solution.

Unique micro-denier fiber is used in all PerfectCLEAN™ products – the highest percentage of micro-denier fiber available in the industry. The PerfectCLEAN Environmental Hygiene System has been designed to exceed the CDC recommendations for blood borne pathogens and has been developed to be laundered in a commercial laundry with the CDC recommended levels of hypochlorite bleach.

Perfect Clean System

Incorporating staff apparel that is functional, professional, affordable, and SAFE

Incorporating a staff identification apparel system into your facility will help ensure resident safety. White Swan Brands™ is a trusted name in staff apparel and features high quality apparel designed for virtually every point of care your medical and facility staff will encounter. From stylish and fashionable staff apparel to basic utility scrubs, classically styled lab coats to fluid protective lab apparel, Encompass has the right answer for your staff apparel needs. 3 brand options to consider include Fundamentals, Bio Uniforms, and Jockey Scrubs.

Of the 3, Fundamentals line is the best value, this line is the perfect everyday scrub and is great for groups. A step up, the Bio Uniforms line is stylish and functional and a great way to allow your staff to share their passion for their work through statement scrubs. Jockey Scrubs is the ultimate choice for comfort and style; they’re widely recognized as the most comfortable scrubs. We offer staff apparel solutions for every level of your facility, from the kitchen staff to the caregiver. Each of our lines are designed for optimal comfort and safety for staff, and provide for a safe facility environment when used within a staff identification program. Help your residents feel safer by ensuring they can identify who is walking your halls!

Consider custom curtains, window treatments, and bedspreads to create safe and comforting environments

To ensure maximum comfort for your residents, it’s tempting to choose appealing fabrics in your resident room decor, however it’s important to make sure that these fabrics meet safety regulations as well. Consider fire retardant fabrics and special finishes when planning your interior room decor. Encompass Group proudly operates our own Window Treatment, Cubicle Curtain and Bedspread Manufacturing Plant in Big Lake, Minnesota. By operating our own custom workroom, we are able to better control quality levels, keep costs down, and assure an attractive end product for you. Over our many years in business, we have developed strong affiliations with many of the finest fabric manufacturers in the design industry and our customers are assured fair and affordable pricing. The collaboration between our marketing, distribution and manufacturing teams ensures that you’ll receive a quality product at an affordable price.

Through these 4 key product categories, your Senior Living center can move toward a safer and more comfortable environment for your residents. Encompass Group’s product lines are built around improving the safety and comfort of Senior Living. Each of these product lines balance cost and quality of care, making them a wise investment for Senior Living facilities. If your goal is to provide better outcomes at a lower cost, check out these Encompass Group product lines today!


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