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How to Improve Resident Safety and Comfort at Your Senior Living Facility Through Staff Identification Programs

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
January 2016


As the healthcare industry standards of care shift toward a focus on resident comfort and safety, senior living facilities are looking for new and innovative ways to exceed expectations of their residents, guests, and their staff. One simple way to immediately improve your residents' level of comfort and safety is through a staff identification program.

Staff Identification Program

  • 1. Ensuring Your Residents Feel Safe

    Staff identification programs put your residents at ease and encourage them to feel safe and confident that they know who is walking your halls. In addition, when your staff can quickly and easily identify the roles of other team members, they are able to quickly respond to resident safety concerns by visually identifying who they need to contact.
  • 2. Creating a Comfortable Environment for Your Residents

    A staff identification program also puts your residents at ease during their interactions with your staff. Residents acknowledge their needs sooner because they are more comfortable and confident that they are asking the right staff member for the right care.
  • 3. Improving the Comfort of Your Staff Improves Productivity

    A good program is developed around the comfort of your staff. When people feel comfortable they produce more at work, so if you're implementing a staff identification program, you need to ensure that your staff feel at ease in the apparel you're providing. This is why Encompass Group created a staff identification program incorporating Jockey Scrubs, which are widely recognized as the most comfortable scrubs in the industry.

Jockey Scrubs, the most comfortable scrubs in the industry

Encompass Group Provides an Easy to Implement Staff Identification Program

One of the challenges that senior living facilities face with adopting a staff identification program is the time investment of designing it. However, Encompass Group offers the most comprehensive Staff Identification Program designed specifically for Senior Living. With major brand recognition, like Jockey Scrubs, caregivers feel comfortable and stylish, resulting in increased productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Call your local Encompass Group sales representative at 1-800-328-5525 today to learn more about our Staff Identification Program designed for Senior Living facilities.


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