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Help Your Facility Stand Out in 2018: Products to Build Your Brand

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
October 2017


As competition continues to grow in the senior living industry, it is vital that the brand image of your facility is understood by your community. With the right investments for the coming year, you can shape resident and family impressions of your brand, build brand loyalty, and attract new residents.

Most long-term care facilities offer similar services, so amenities are one way to separate a facility from the competition. Use these three products to add luxury to your resident rooms and stand out as the premier facility in your community.

Update Window Coverings

Do away with outdated window coverings and replace them with coverings that add a touch of class; this small feature has a large impact on the feel of a room. Not only do your window coverings regulate UV rays and sunlight to preserve your floors, walls, and furniture, they also improve aesthetic appeal. Prospective residents will be sure to notice your beautifully dressed windows; well-made window treatments add softness and extravagance to your facility, giving each room a high-end look.

Comfortable Pillows Help Prospective Residents Feel at Home.

Although pillows are often an afterthought in resident room design, they can make or break one's sleeping experience. Choose pillows filled with firm materials that resist wear, crumbling, and breakdown while offering the appropriate level of support at the correct height.

Be sure your pillows are durable enough to handle the multiple ways they may be used as depending on each resident's unique shape, curves, and sleeping position, strategically placed pillows may also be strategically placed to help relieve pressure points in the body and create the optimal sleep environment.

Sheets with a High-End Feel

Like pillows, sheets are frequently overlooked when considering factors that contribute to the appeal of senior living resident rooms. Residents spend at least a third of their day in bed, their sheets should be made of soft materials designed to protect their skin and enhance their comfort.

Choose sheets with a thread count that makes them soft to the touch, but doesn't trap in too much heat while residents are resting. Your residents will thank you when they realize there's nothing quite like your luxury sheets to make them feel protected and cozy while they drift off to dreamland.

At Encompass Group LLC, we understand what it takes to stand out amongst competition. We provide solutions and products for senior living facilities that make achieving this goal easier and more cost effective. For more about how our products can build your brand image by offering the best resident experience message me on LinkedIn or call 1-800-245-4636.


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