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How semi-fitted top sheets can improve safety in your senior living facility

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
March 2017


A flat top sheet, as its name indicates, is a flat sheet placed over the fitted bottom bed sheet, which bed occupants lie immediately under. A flat top sheet essentially protects the resident and the other bedding. Blankets, quilts, duvets, comforters or other bed covers are laid over the top sheet, but because of the top sheet they do not directly touch the bed occupant. This helps protect those bedding items from being soiled. The top sheet also helps protect residents that have allergies to dust mites.

Revolution Linen's Perfect Bed System

Semi-fitted top sheets, like those offered by Revolution Linen™, are designed with two contoured corners at the foot end of the mattress but feature a flat end at the head of the bed. The semi-fitted top sheet has the same functionality as a flat top sheet in regard to protecting bedding or the occupants that lie under it. However, unlike the flat top sheet, contoured corners of the semi-fitted top sheet ensure that the bed occupants are less likely to accidentally remove the barrier between themselves and the blankets. The contoured corners of the semi-fitted top sheet also keep the bed tidy.

Most importantly, Revolution Linen’s semi-fitted top sheet may help improve your Senior Living facility’s quality scores by reducing chances of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a “never event.” DVT occurs when a blood clot forms inside as a result of circulation issues caused by immobility. If a blood clot forms and dislodges from the area where it initially formed, it may get stuck in a smaller vein and block circulation of blood, causing problems in the lungs, brain, heart or other vital organs. Residents who are immobile, even for a short period of time, are at risk for DVT. Like all the Revolution Linen™ system products, the semi-fitted top-sheet was designed with resident comfort and range of motion in mind. The simple design makes it easy for residents experiencing limited mobility to change positions and move around in their beds appropriately. The Patented Foot-Ease “toe-pleat” Top Sheet feature helps eliminate pressure on residents’ feet by creating extra toe room to ensure residents’ comfort and encourage proper circulation.

In addition to helping your employees keep the bed tidy and keep your residents safe, Revolution Linens lower facility costs by:

Revoluion Linens lower facility costs

  • Reducing drying time compared to other standard linens
  • Minimizing laundry labor time spent folding, ironing, and applying linens to resident beds
  • Decreasing the need for re-wash thanks to stain-resistant materials

Like all of the product lines Encompass Group offers, Revolution Linen™ products are designed to improve the safety and comfort for all Senior Living residents. Call 1-800-328-5525 today to learn more about how Revolution Linen™ semi-fitted top sheets can complement the quality care your facility provides.


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