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Reduce Senior Living Staff Back Injuries with Swift Slider

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
June 2017


How frequently have your nurses, nursing assistants or orderlies missed work due to a back injury? Did you know that nurses and nursing assistants are in the top 10 occupations for back injuries, aches, and other problems?

Nurses and nursing assistants are in the top 10 occupations for back injuries

According to this report, surveys by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 35,000 back and other injuries ranging in severity among nursing employees each year. Many of these injuries are severe enough that the employees have to miss work for a long period of time. Nurses and orderlies each suffer roughly three times the rate of back and other musculoskeletal injuries as construction laborers – and these are just what we know from the reported incidents.

Usually, after experiencing a back injury, nurses and other caregivers are able to heal to the point of normal function after a short recovery period. Unfortunately, for some the pain is long-term – or in worse-case-scenarios, permanent. For your senior living facility, this could mean intermittent staffing shortages or the permanent loss of your most trusted and productive caregiving employees.

Inefficient Resident Transfers Could Cause Injuries

One cause for caregiver back injuries in senior living facilities is the physical stress of the job duties related to resident handling: moving, lifting, shifting and assisting people, including some who may be larger than the caregiver. Rising obesity rates are not helping the matter. A registered nurse is quoted in that same report as stating, “A 250- to 300-pound resident can be very common in our unit. And to even be able to lift their leg is probably 60, 70 pounds maybe.” Protecting caregiver’s backs is crucial in preventing a potential loss of valuable employees and minimizing the expense related to replacing those lost caregivers.

Encompass Group’s Swift Slider Patient Positioner addresses this issue as a cost-effective, low-friction taffeta positioner designed to help caregivers safely and easily perform resident handling duties. The Swift Slider minimizes the physical strain caregivers experience by making it easy for them to offer a boost for immobile residents or lift a resident (with the help of another caregiver).

Nurses and nursing assistants are in the top 10 occupations for back injuries

Swift Slider Patient Positioner Protects Skin Integrity of Residents

Not only does the Swift Slider Patient Positioner help caregivers protect their backs, it also protects resident skin. The top layer is made of a 50/50 cotton polyester twill surface designed with the resident skin microclimate in mind. The bottom layer is a thin, breathable taffeta backing that ensures a thin profile that will not affect the pressure redistribution properties of therapeutic support surfaces. Consequently, the Swift Slider can remain under the resident throughout their stay as long as needed without compromising skin integrity and minimizing skin breakdown.

Don’t hesitate to email me or call 1-800-328-5525 to learn more about our Swift Slider products. Whether you introduce a Swift Slider Patient Positioner separately or as part of our Swift Ultraslide System, we promise your staff and residents alike will thank you.


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