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3 Ways to Make Your Sheets a Positive Part of the Resident Experience

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
May 2017


Of all the products in their room, residents use their bedding most frequently, so a comfortable bedding system is key to ensuring a positive resident experience. Quality sheeting should be an integral part of what keeps residents safe and comfortable in senior care facilities.

Make Sheets a Positive Part of the Resident Experience

Below are 3 ways to make bed sheets positively impact the resident experience:

  1. Provide High-Quality, Comfortable Sheets

    Many facility administrators don’t yet fully appreciate how quality linens improve residents’ perception of the care they receive. This one small thing – offering soft, clean sheets – maximizes resident comfort and enhances the level of care you provide. Leading manufacturers in healthcare linens offer softer, more durable and comfortable sheeting options for resident beds than ever before. These high-quality products allow for easy movement and reduce friction that can irritate residents’ skin while they rest. An added benefit to you: Quality sheets have a luxurious look that lifts your whole facility’s image, offering you a great way to market your facility to prospective residents and their families.

  2. Ensure Sheeting Cleanliness and Quality

    Just as they’d notice if your facility’s bathrooms or floors are dirty or damaged, your residents and their visitors take note of any visible defects on sheets and bedding. Notable staining or fading can adversely impact resident satisfaction, which can be reflected in your 5-Star Rating. Be sure to use sheets that resist staining and are durable enough to maintain integrity and prevent color fade when being handled in an institutional laundry processing facility. Woven cotton blend sheets are often a good option for facilities who want to provide the soft, cool feel of cotton in a sheet with the durability required for laundering.

  3. Keep Residents Safe and Promote Infection Prevention

    Residents notice when your facility prioritizes infection prevention and control measures – and when it doesn’t. Facilities that aren’t maintaining proper infection prevention standards risk seeing an increase in serious infections. The cost of treating such infections combined with the potential loss of incentive payments through CMS would compound the loss of revenue for that facility. Clean sheets are one of the first lines of defense against infection. Replacing soiled sheets quickly and processing them in facilities that meet proper laundry standards will help your facility ensure the cleanest places for your residents to lay.

To positively impact your residents’ experience and give the impression you intend, ensure your sheets are of high quality, comfortable, and properly cleaned and sanitized.

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