Better care starts with safety and comfort.

Quality Linens Improve the Comfort and Safety of Senior Living Residents

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
October 2016


High-quality linens help protect your immobile residents.

Our bodies are not designed to remain in a sedentary position. Have you ever noticed your residents unconsciously readjusting their positions as they sit in a chair and read, watch TV on a sofa or sleep in their beds? By shifting their position, they are not only adjusting for comfort, they are subconsciously protecting themselves from the risk of pressure ulcers - painful skin wounds that result from prolonged pressure on skin that's in contact with the surface of a bed, chair or wheelchair.

Immobile residents are at risk for developing pressure ulcers.

Sometimes residents experience temporary limited or no mobility due to illness or injury placing them at an increased risk for developing pressure ulcers. Those who are managing pre-existing chronic conditions such as diabetes and thin skin paired with limited or no mobility are at an even higher risk for developing pressure ulcers. If not properly cared for, pressure ulcers can increase in severity to stage III and stage IV, both of which are considered “never events” according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Revolution Linen System

The Revolution Linen™ system can help protect your residents.

In addition to your facility’s safety and prevention protocols, quality linens are of utmost importance to prevent bedsores and maintain resident comfort. The Revolution Linen™ system (RLS) includes Ultra Knit products created specifically to address skin breakdown due to pressure, which includes a custom top sheet with extra toe room for added comfort. The DermaCare underpad addresses incontinence issues with a quick-drying, highly absorbent design to minimize moisture buildup on the skin — protecting your residents’ skin from breakdown due to waterlog. When all combined, the RLS products create the perfect bed for you to provide top-quality care for your residents.

Revolution perfect bed

Revolution Linen™ combines safety and comfort.

Residents also love how RLS products look and feel. The RLS linen products are stain-resistant, lint-resistant, and 60% of the products do not require ironing or folding. They have a four times higher life expectancy compared to traditional linen products guaranteeing a fresher look longer. Best of all: RLS linens are soft to the touch, combining safety and comfort to encourage restorative rest every night for residents.

Hyperbaric Pillow

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