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The Impact of Pillows on Patient Experience

By Chris Farrell, Vice President, Sales
June 2017


An important yet often overlooked aspect in maintaining and creating safe, welcoming environments in acute care is proper pillow selection and management. Not only do pillows play a role in a patient’s physical comfort, but they can also combat serious underlying complications such as Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) according to OR Today. The recent study showed that over 30 types of bacteria and pathogens were found on samples of hospital pillows. Roughly one out of 20 hospital patients developed an HAI, in the end costing the healthcare industry $35 billion.

Recently, The Pillow Factory (a division of Encompass Group) has introduced its Pillow Management Program Guide to help acute care facilities prevent HAIs and enhance patient experience.

Prevent HAIs and enhance patient experience

The Pillow Management Program

The Pillow Factory division of Encompass Group has been the leader in the market for over 30 years and currently provides more pillows to American healthcare facilities than anyone else in the industry. With decades of experience, we’ve mastered selection, management, use and care of pillows—all of which the Pillow Management Program Guide covers. The guide is a great resource for managing healthcare inventories and also touches on covers, tickings, size options, loft levels and cleaning options. Each customer engagement produces guidelines specific to that acute care facility’s needs.

Quality Pillow Selection

Quality Pillow Selection

Encompass Group is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare pillows and bedding. Our current pillow selection includes our reliable Fresh Start™ disposable pillows, and our proven reusable pillows such as:

  • DreamAngel® and Brilliance®
  • RevolutionaryCARE™
  • Easy Care®
  • Comfort Care™
  • CareGuard® Plus
  • Pro-Barrier®

Safe, comfortable environments for everyone in your acute care facility is what we strive for. With our tried and tested pillows and innovative Pillow Management Program, we help acute facilities successfully decrease infection and cost, while creating a positive experience for those in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

At Encompass Group, what matters most is creating a safe, comfortable environment for patients. We provide solutions and products for acute care facilities that make achieving this goal easier and more cost effective. For more about our Pillow Management Program and how it can improve patient experience at your hospital, connect with me on LinkedIn or email me today!


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