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Increase your ROI to offset long-term care census decline

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
July 2017


Across the nation, long-term care is faced with declining census and reimbursements, placing senior living facilities under pressure to do more with less for their residents. In December 2016, The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) illustrated that occupancy fell to 81.8% in its 2016 NIC Skilled Nursing Data Report. This census decline marks a new low in the five-year data series, and heralded the third consecutive quarter in which occupancy reached its lowest point. Occupancy was down 156 basis points year-over-year, which was the largest year-over-year decline for the fourth quarter in the data series overall.

Laundry: An Often Overlooked Cost-Saving Opportunity

Sometimes doing more with less means facilities must rely on their purchasing team to invest in items or programs that offer the highest return on investment (ROI). Even though your laundry system is an important part of resident care, it’s not a revenue-generating function and often ends up as a budgetary afterthought. One real opportunity that isn’t often considered during budgetary discussion is to reevaluate your facility’s approach to laundry; overhauling the system to make it as cost-efficient as possible without sacrificing the quality of care for your residents.

The Revolution Linen System® has an immediate ROI

The task may sound daunting, or even impossible, considering that linen replacement can be one of a senior living facility's greatest expenses, and it's well-known across the industry that many facility buying decisions hinge on cost. That’s why the Revolution Linen System (RLS) is an optimal choice for many facilities: it was developed to reduce energy usage, increase labor savings, improve linen life expectancy, and boost cost savings. Here’s how the RLS system basically pays for itself relatively quickly with added efficiencies and superior resident comfort:

The Revolution Linen System® has an immediate ROI

  • 100% of the color-coded linen products in the RLS system are stain-resistant and lint-resistant, keeping them looking newer, longer (which is also attractive to prospective residents).
  • The products are designed to handle commercial laundering and reduce drying time compared to traditional materials by up to 50%.
  • 60% of the RLS products do not require ironing or folding, reducing the staff time needed to complete the laundry process.
  • RLS linens have a life expectancy that is four times higher when compared to traditional linen systems.
  • The RLS cart makes is easy to sort, launder, transport and store your linens properly, lessening the risk of your linens harboring potentially harmful microorganisms.

Products to handle commercial laundering

So even though laundry systems don’t create revenue in the senior living setting, RLS can certainly become a tool for increasing efficiency, decreasing expenses, and offsetting the lower reimbursements associated with the industry-wide census decrease.

Encompass Group offers offer a broad range of products to meet your facility’s linen needs. Call 1-800-245-4636 or email me today to learn more about how the Revolution Linen System can help your facility save money while providing top quality care.


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