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One of Senior Living's Best Kept Marketing Secrets: Staff Identification Uniform Programs

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
November 2015


A major challenge facing the industry is how to stand out among the competition in the senior living market. One of best, and often overlooked, ways to market your facility to prospective residents and their families is through a staff identification program.

As competition in the senior living landscape increases, every facility is faced with the challenge of differentiating themselves. One innovative way to set your facility apart when guests are visiting your facility is through the incorporation of a staff identification program. In fact, this checklist from trusted industry leader, Assisted Living Federation of America, even lists “how well staff are dressed” as one of the factors potential guests should reference when evaluating whether a facility would be a good fit for their loved one.

Here's 3 ways a staff identification program can help market your senior living facility as an attractive destination for potential residents:

  • 1. Staff Identification Uniform Programs create a cohesive, coordinated look and feel

    A well-designed staff identification program should include color coordinated uniform collections for your staff that complement your facility’s decor. Creating a cohesive and visually appealing environment is a priority for many senior living facilities, as a study has indicated a relationship between healing and stimulating interiors. Encompass Group LLC offers coordinated apparel collections in a variety of colors and prints, and fabrics designed specifically to ensure the safety and comfort of your staff. Implementing a staff identification program will result in a cohesive and organized environment for your staff and residents.
  • 2. Help your residents feel at ease and comfortable, and improve the atmosphere of your facility

    Staff identification programs put your residents at ease and encourage them to feel safe, and confident in your staff. Residents acknowledge their needs sooner because they are more comfortable and confident that they're asking the right staff member for the right care.
  • 3. Increase staff communication and therefore productivity

    When your staff can easily identify each other and acknowledge roles through visual cues, they respond to resident safety concerns quickly and efficiently. A good program should be developed around the comfort of your staff because when people feel comfortable they produce more at work. Ensure that your staff feels at ease in the apparel you're providing and the result is visible to staff, residents, and visitors: a coordinated, communicative, and productive staff translates to well-cared for residents in the eyes of a visitor.

With a facility that looks coordinated and unified, residents who are comfortable and at ease, and a staff that are productive and organized, you are putting visitors at ease immediately and making an incredible first impression.

Encompass Group LLC offers one of the most comprehensive staff identification programs on the market, coordinated apparel collections in a variety of colors and prints, and fabrics designed specifically to ensure the safety and comfort of your staff. Our staff identification programs have been designed specifically with the needs of Senior Living residents and staff by experts in the industry.

Call your local Encompass Group sales representative at 1-800-328-5525 today to learn more about our easy-to-implement Staff Identification Program designed for Senior Living facilities.


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