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Protect residents and your Five-Star rating with DermaCare Pads

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
April 2017


Incontinent care is a delicate issue, but one with serious ramifications if not addressed properly. Complications can affect skin integrity and may result in rashes, skin infections, and sores. However, with a proactive approach, you can ensure that your residents are comfortable and protected.

Ensure your residents are comfortable and protected

Incontinence related skin injuries can damage your rating

If residents in your facility begin to experience skin complications related to incontinence, it could affect your Five-Star Quality Rating. As part of these comprehensive health inspections, trained inspectors check the quality of care, inspect medical records, and talk with residents about their care. Frequent reports of skin breakdown or residents’ discomfort due to incontinence will reflect poorly on your facility’s rating.

One way to help protect residents and ensure their safety is to use incontinent underpads. A high-quality underpad not only protects the mattress and bedding under the patient, but it is also designed to wick moisture away from the skin as quickly as possible. Preventing moisture from sitting against the skin will help prevent skin breakdown. Changing out the pad is a quick process, making it easy to remove them regularly and replace with clean pads.

DermaCare pads reduce friction and pressure

Through a partnership with MIP, an internationally-recognized market leader in quality incontinent care products, Encompass Group, LLC is able to provide our senior living clients with superior products that meet the specialized needs of the incontinent resident. The DermaCare pad is the thinnest reusable underpad available in the market today. Its Stay Dry technology reduces the risk of friction and skin shearing. The laminated construction reduces the possibility of excess pressure on the skin and offers added protection from pressure ulcers for residents experiencing limited mobility.

Beyond underpads, Encompass carries a complete line of incontinent care products, such as adult briefs, diapers, and adult clothing protectors. Our underpads and briefs are available in a variety of fabric, soaker weight and blend, and size, giving your facility the ability to make the right choices for your residents. Implementing the use of reusable pads and other incontinent care products that are more absorbent, washable, and more durable than similar products on the market can considerably reduce capital expenditures and storage costs.

Encompass incontinent care products can provide an answer to any resident need and caregiver requirement. Call us today at 1-800-328-5525 to discuss the products you need to keep your residents safe and comfortable.


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