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How To Improve Resident Safety At Your Senior Living Facility Through Staff Identification Uniform Programs

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
September 2016


Uncertain about how to help your residents feel safe?

Not knowing who is walking through the halls of your facility may be unnerving for residents. It’s common to see senior living staff wearing scrubs, which can make it difficult for residents to differentiate between nurses and other facility staff –or even guests – as they may wear scrubs too. So how do you make your staff more identifiable?

An easy way to help residents feel at ease and safe within your facility it to Implement a staff identification uniform program.

The goal of a staff identification uniform program is to help residents with identification in a quick, efficient way while creating a cohesive, professional look for staff members. A comprehensive staff identification uniform program considers the roles and uniform needs of each staff member which includes a color-by-discipline component. For example, all nurses in your facility might be dressed in blue scrubs while other staff members wear khaki.

Staff identification programs help residents with quick, efficient identification of staff members

Staff identification programs help residents know who to reach out to for help

Residents and guest need to know who to approach when they have concerns and staff identification programs provide a convenient way of distinguishing staff members according to their respective disciplines. Residents are much more comfortable expressing their needs when they are certain that they are asking the right staff member for the right care. A staff identification program also allows residents to tell apart staff from guests, which enhances their comfort and safety.

Staff identification allows residents to tell staff from guests

Staff identification programs enhance marketing and employee engagement

The senior living landscape is competitive and a staff identification program can help your facility stand out. When used as a marketing method, staff identification programs complement your décor and build on your colored brand identity. Choosing key colors for specific disciplines not only serves a practical purpose but also creates a cohesive look throughout your site.

Uniform textiles function as a barrier to the potentially harmful contaminants your staff encounters every day, keeping employees safe. A well-designed program includes sizes to fit all body types, which ensures that everyone on your staff will feel less restricted and more comfortable. Employees who feel safe and comfortable are more likely to be prepared to provide the best care possible for your residents. Furthermore, high-quality health care uniform textiles are often manufactured in such a way that they can be laundered in any commercial laundry, making it cost-efficient for your facility to process.

Encompass Group Provides a Comprehensive Staff Identification Program

Designing a staff identification program can be difficult and often time-consuming. Encompass Group offers a customizable staff identification program designed by industry leaders specifically for senior living. With high-quality textiles and a variety of colors to choose from, Encompass Group can help you choose the right staff identification program for your facility. Call your local Encompass Group sales representative at 1-800-328-5525 today to learn more about our Staff Identification Program designed for senior living facilities.


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