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Hyscent Adds Comfort to Hospital Environments

By Chris Farrell, Vice President, Sales
September 2017


Ideally, when entering a healthcare facility, people would be welcomed by a smiling face and an inviting environment, resulting in a positive first impression. Unfortunately, that impression can be quickly altered if they are also greeted by a pungent, unpleasant odor.

Organic malodors can happen in any place at any time, but are especially common in health care facilities as a result of the various medical issues patients experience daily. Regardless of where a malodor is located, how it originated, or how long it lasts, strong malodors can set the wrong tone for the patient experience and should be dealt with immediately.

Traditional air fresheners cover up the unpleasant smell

Traditional air fresheners mask unpleasant odors by releasing an artificial fragrance into the air that is more powerful than the foul odor. Unfortunately, these fragrances only mask the odor temporarily, providing an opportunity for the odor to return, once again negatively impacting the patient experience.

Odor eliminators treat malodors at the source

Odor eliminators get down to the core of the issue and treat malodors at the source, permanently. Once the malodor is eradicated at the molecular level, many odor eliminators then offer a lighter, pleasant fragrance. Because scent has such a strong link to patient comfort, it is more efficient and effective for hospital caregivers to eliminate odors permanently rather than covering them temporarily and leaving an opportunity for the malodor to resurface again later.

Select an environmentally-friendly odor eliminator

Another part of creating a comfortable environment for patients is ensuring their safety. Heavy chemical fragrances created in a laboratory for air fresheners can be equally unpleasant when compared to the malodor they are meant to hide and may event irritate patients who have allergies or chronic respiratory conditions. Some even pollute your facility's indoor air with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), possibly even including those classified as toxic or hazardous by federal law.

HYscent fragrances are created with the purest essential and fragrance oils to produce superior scents. The essential oils are extracted from the vital essence of aromatic plants such as flowers, fruits, sap, seeds bark, leaves, and roots. Not only are these fragrances less likely to irritate or harm your patients, the right fragrances may even have a positive impact on a person's mood and their perception of the care you have provided them.

Create the environment you want for your patients. Call 1-800-245-4636 or email me today to discuss how adding HYscent can help you improve patient comfort through superior fragrances.


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