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How to Improve the Patient Experience Within Your Hospital with One Simple Update

By Chris Farrell, Vice President, Sales
October 2017


An inviting interior enhances your health care facility’s feel and increases comfort for patients. Cubicle curtains and window treatments used as decor in health care facilities should be functional, welcome patients, and set the tone for their whole patient experience.

Window coverings can create a home-like environment

Windows are often a focal point in rooms, especially in a healthcare setting. The window coverings your facility uses should reflect the experience you hope each patient has during their stay. The patient experience always takes into account the environment where they receive care.

Find window coverings that reflect your brand and the aesthetic appeal, and add warmth and a home-like feel to any space. There is a wide range of window covering options available on the market today, so it is easy to find a window treatment and covering product at a price point that suits your facility. It’s a simple, easy way to ensure brand consistency throughout your facility and one small change that has a large impact on the first impression of patients and guests.

Create a home-like environment with window coverings

Cubicle curtains increase comfort through privacy

In hospitals that have large, open bays such as is common with Emergency Departments or Triage, cubicle curtains can provide a flexible way to divide the room and define space for individual patient beds while also creating privacy. In private or semi-private hospital rooms, cubicle curtains provide privacy without completely closing the door to hospital caregivers.

Cubicle curtains should be durable enough to sustain multiple washings but still project a sense of well-being. The curtain textiles should also be stain-resistant, wrinkle resistant, and provide minimal shrinkage and pilling to maintain a tailored, fresh and crisp look. Facilities should also choose curtains in colors and patterns that complement the atmosphere while following strict health and safety regulations.

Patients often find added comfort in protection

Patients need to feel safe in your facility. Because patients already have a compromised immune system and caregivers work with multiple patients over a single shift, infection prevention is always top-of-mind for the patient and caregiver alike.

It’s important to realize that cubicle curtains can do more than create privacy; they can also help prevent the spread of infection and disease throughout a facility. A key part of helping a patient heal is preventing HAIs (Hospital-Acquired Infections) and soft surfaces such as cubicle curtains are porous. Cubicle curtains can easily become contaminated given that one has to touch the curtain with their hands in order to operate it. By choosing cubicle curtains made from antimicrobial textiles, you can add a layer of protection between washings.

Encompass Group LLC owns and operates our own window covering, cubicle curtain and bedspread manufacturing plant in Big Lake, Minnesota. Owning and operating our own manufacturer allows us to control quality levels, keep costs down, and assure the attractive end product you are looking for. No matter the window treatment or cubicle curtain product you’re in need of, our experienced staff can help you choose the best design for your health care facility.

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