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The Hidden Value of Window Coverings in Senior Living Facilities

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
November 2016


Interior design is an important investment for senior living facilities. A comfortable and inviting design can enhance your facility’s appeal to prospective residents and their families and build loyalty among current residents. One critical component of marketing your facility with interior design is your window coverings.

How do window coverings attract new residents?

In today’s competitive market, your senior living facility needs to be more attractive and welcoming than ever before. Windows are often a focal point in rooms and touring prospective residents’ eyes will notice window coverings that look old or have a dated design. Window treatments should enhance the warm environment that places residents and visitors at ease and encourages them to linger and feel connected.

Window Coverings in Senior Living Facilities

How do window coverings boost branding?

Window coverings designed with a consistent and attractive color can also elevate your color branding strategy. People are programmed to react to color. Color is the visual piece of marketing that people remember most about the brands they love. A consistent, visually pleasing color palette adds to the “feel” and “flow” of your facility.

Set the tone for your prospective residents and families with the color of your window coverings. For example, if you are trying to appeal to those looking for a facility with a relaxing atmosphere, you may choose bright, light colors that let in a lot of light during the day. If you’re trying to appeal to individuals looking for the most luxurious senior living facility in town, you may choose rich, traditional colors for your windows including burgundy or navy blue.

How do window coverings build loyalty with current residents?

Residents feel at home when they are safe and comfortable in their living space and empowered by their care providers. Window coverings not only help resident living space feel “homey” due to their decorative appeal, but they also provide privacy. Choosing window coverings that are easy for residents to use on their own promotes privacy and independence, both of which are highly valued by residents.

Encompass Group LLC proudly owns and operates our own Window Covering, Cubicle Curtain and Bedspread Manufacturing Plant in Big Lake, Minnesota. Operating our own custom workroom allows us to better control quality levels, keep costs down, and assure the attractive end product you are looking for. Whether it's draperies, valances, or cubicle curtains that you’re in need of, our experienced staff can help you choose the best design for your senior living facility. Call your Encompass Group LLC representative today at 1-800-328-5525 to start planning your custom window covering design.


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