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“Back-breaking Work” can be Literal in your Hospital

By Chris Farrell, Vice President, Sales
June 2017


As patient life expectancy increases and the nursing workforce ages, staffing is a major issue for hospitals across the country. With a dwindling workforce, it’s more important than ever for hospitals to ensure their nursing staff feel accommodated. Nursing employees often work long hours that include constant physical movement and lifting, so keeping hospital staff safe through injury prevention programs can play a crucial role in happy, healthy, high-performing employees.

Keep hospital staff safe through injury prevention programs

Patient Positioning can be Dangerous

Each year nursing employees report more than 35,000 injuries severe enough to require them to miss work; nursing yields three times more back and musculoskeletal injuries than construction work. Many of these injuries occur from everyday tasks such as lifting and positioning patients. As obesity rates climb, patients now weigh up to 300 pounds, which means nursing staff are repetitively lifting extreme weight, dozens of times a day. Hospitals that lack proper training and equipment often see the majority of these injuries.

Reduce Injury and Discomfort with the Swift Slider

Keep nursing staff and patients safe with Swift Slider

To combat this issue and keep both nursing staff and patients safe from patient positioning injuries, Encompass Group offers The Swift Slider Patient Positioner. The Swift Slider is a low-friction taffeta positioner that allows caregivers to safely and easily perform patient positioning tasks without the increased risk of neck, shoulder and back injury. Coupled with safe patient handling techniques, the Swift Slider also helps to minimize patient discomfort and skin injuries.

The device is made from two layers, one a 50/50 blend of cotton polyester twill and another of thin, taffeta backing. This unique blend allows the slider to remain under the patient throughout the day without causing skin irritation. Its large surface area (40" x 72" standard size and the 47" x 72" bariatric size) accommodates the heaviest portion of a patient’s body which reduces the risk of injury to the patient and allows for a smoother transition by the nursing staff.

Encompass Group LLC strives to create a safer, more comfortable environment for patients and staff alike. For more information about The Swift Slider or any of our other acute care products, connect with me on LinkedIn or email me today!


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