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5 Ways to Save Time and Money at Your Senior Living Facility Through a Simple Change to Your Laundry System

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
February 2016


Time-consuming. Inefficient. Expensive. Poorly made. Uncomfortable. These are complaints we’ve heard from nursing and housekeeping staff about the laundry system at their long-term care facility. The Revolution Linen System addresses key industry concerns throughout the entire linen handling process, including laundry, linen distribution, bed-making and soiled linen handling.

Reduce linen replacement costs, increase energy efficiency, and improve staff productivity

The first of it’s kind, REVOLUTION, is a No Fold Linen System that helps to create safer, more comfortable environments for residents, family members and staff. The no fold linen system reduces costs by saving time for caregivers and laundry services alike. REVOLUTION Linen System (RLS) products dry in half the time of traditional products, resulting in substantial energy savings. The no-fold system reduces laundry labor by 6 hours per day in a 100 bed facility by eliminating sorting, folding of bedding products. This can mean savings of over $20,000+ per facility.

“Revolution is a linen system that has created many efficiencies within the daily tasks of both housekeeping/laundry and nursing staff.”
- Nadine Ternovoy, Assistant Administrator of Shepherd’s Care

Switching to RLS can reduce linen replacement costs by up to 40%. These linens can last 18-24 months, over 6 times longer than the traditional competitive products. Plus, our quick-drying technology doesn’t simply save you time, it’s substantially more energy efficient. Rewash in the laundry is down to near “zero” in all facilities utilizing RLS. Nancy Cail, an Administrator of Rexton Lions Nursing Home Inc. agreed that it’s “a great solution to an effective system. It’s an organized process that saves you both time and money.”

High quality fabric will impress residents and staff; they love the look and feel!

The Revolution Linen™ system was designed for patient comfort and range of motion. The design even addresses the more serious conditions and concerns within senior living facilities such as skin breakdown due to pressure, a common “never event.” This unique system includes a custom designed top sheet that provides extra toe room to eliminate pressure points and ensure residents’ comfort.

The Perfect Bed System

Residents comment on the comfort of the REVOLUTION products and how much softer the products feel. “You don’t have to have that institutional feel—scratchy or over starched,” exclaimed Karen, a member of the Housekeeping Staff at GraceHealthcare, “and after experimenting with the linen myself I admit it’s of a quality that I would buy for my own home,” she continued. Providers are pleased with the performance of the RLS products and the inherent stain resistant qualities, ensuring the linens stay stain free and looking crisp.

It’s not a new’s a revolution!

Healthcare facilities count on Encompass to deliver premier quality products that provide optimal resident comfort and maximize operating efficiencies. Our Revolution Linen System includes no-fold linens–engineered to increase caregiver and laundry worker efficiency and optimize resident comfort, and a customizable linen cart specifically designed for the efficient handling of high performance linen.

Clean Linen Cart

“The advanced system includes a customized bed linen cart stocked with top quality products that work together to enhance the healthcare environment with no fold linens, all engineered to increase the efficiency of caregivers and laundry workers, and optimize resident comfort,”
- Karen, Housekeeping, GraceHealthcare

The Revolution Linen System addresses key industry concerns throughout the entire linen handling process, including laundry, linen distribution, bed-making and soiled linen handling. With the ultimate goal of enhancing the healthcare environment in mind, the Revolution Linen System is designed to align healthcare departments through ease of use, bring peace of mind and accomplishment to each team member, and ultimately help improve the quality of patient/resident care.


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