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5 Simple Ways Design Impacts the Comfort of Your Residents

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
December 2015


We understand the importance of comfort for senior living residents, and strive to develop products that ensure a safe and comfortable stay for each resident. However, we also realize that a resident's perspective on comfort goes deeper than what they are wearing or how they are resting; the aesthetics of the building contribute to the comfort of a resident as well.

Helping residents feel at home

Comfort extends beyond the softness of a pillow or feel of a blanket, instead it's been discovered that the feeling of comfort is linked to how "at home" a resident feels in the facility. Research revealed that "facility aesthetics, such as cleanliness and décor incited favorable reminiscence of previous homes for residents." For aging adults who are relocating to, transitioning in, and re-creating "home" in these new environments, attractive rooms and decor can make the difference between feeling comfortable or not.

Design and decor impact residents' quality of life

Beyond comfort, introducing coordinated and attractive spaces within your facility impact the overall wellness of residents. A research paper exploring quality of life from the perspective of the aging population revealed that "operational and design decisions that offer resident-centered care can influence building occupants' mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being." Another uncovered that the nature of furnishings, décor, space, and aesthetics can enhance or detract from the wellbeing of the resident. You need to ask yourself, are your rooms adding to the comfort of your residents? Or hindering them?

Design could be the difference between your facility and your competition

As the population of residents increases, there is a growing need for accommodations for aging adults. Yet, as senior living needs increase, so does the competition. The best way for a senior living facility to stay ahead of a competition is to maintain an updated and fresh look and feel.

Well designed space linked to improving the healing process

Not only does a coordinated room make your facility look attractive and appealing to new residents, it actually can help your current residents through their healing process. Evidence indicates a strong connection between healing and stimulating interiors. As more studies reveal the need for increased window access, natural lighting, and coordinated color combinations in senior living spaces, window treatments may be one of the best ways to make immediate improvements to your space.

Coordinate curtains, window treatments, and bedspreads to improve comfort

You can easily create an appealing and comforting look and feel in your residents' rooms by coordinating your window treatments, curtains, and bedspreads. Encompass Group LLC has years of experience and expertise in the development and installation of customized window treatments. We maintain a library with an extensive collection of fire retardant fabric colors, textures, and special finishes that compliment any interior. In operating our own custom workroom, we are able to better control quality levels, keep costs down, and assure an attractive end product for senior living facilities who are looking to create comfortable environments and stand apart from their competition.

When considering how to improve the comfort of your residents, don't overlook aesthetic appeal. It's been proven that simply making a change to the aesthetics of your facility can increase the healing process, improve the attitude of your residents, and result in an overall improvement to the comfort level of residents. Call your local Encompass Group representative at 1-800-328-5525 today to learn more about how we can help you improve the comfort level of your residents through our customized window treatment, curtain, and bedspreads collections and installations.


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