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EVS Products for Senior Care that Fit Within Your 2018 Budget

By Greg Snoddy, Vice President, Healthcare Sales - Senior Living
December 2017


EVS Products fit your budget

There are many reasons why leaders don’t look forward to completing the budgeting process each year. With the uncertainty that lies ahead with potential changes to federal laws and budgets, planning the 2018 budget at a facility or group level has been an especially challenging process. Although the issue will continue to evolve, one thing is certain: Long-term care facility leadership will continue to search for ways to minimize costs while maximizing resident safety and comfort. Management within environmental services will continue to be one of the top departments challenged with supporting this task.

We at Encompass Group LLC want to help you meet your upcoming budget goals while positively impacting the resident experience. Here are two examples of cost-efficient product categories you may consider adopting related to environmental service tasks in 2018:

1. Microfiber Cleaning System

Microfiber cleaning system

Our cleaning systems leverage micro-denier fiber, which reaches into invisible crevices to remove and trap microscopic pathogens from environmental surfaces. The system’s color coding protocol will make it easy for your staff to distinguish between products used in resident rooms and bathrooms, which will help reduce cross-contamination risk. Any contaminants collected by the products during use are then eliminated in your facility's laundry cycle when using chlorine bleach.

Select a microfiber cleaning system that offers exceptional durability strong enough to meet the challenges of the commercial cleaning industry. A system that requires replacement less frequently than competitive products also offers an outstanding ROI, which your leadership team will love.

2. Air Care Management Systems

Air care management system

Air quality management can be difficult in long-term care facilities as most odor management products on the market only mask malodors rather than eliminate them. The HYscent® Air Care Management System is a safe, simple, non-toxic system designed to eliminate malodors at the source. The system also allows you to choose a refreshing fragrance of your choice to be left behind or choose unscented for a clean, fresh environment.

Not only is the HYscent® Air Care Management System effective, it’s budget-friendly as well. For example, a typical 120-bed senior living facility can manage their entire facility for under $200 per month - a cost benefit unrivaled by competitors.

At Encompass Group LLC, we partner with our valued customers to create a healthy, healing resident environment. Our cost effective senior living solutions and products drive compliance and improve outcomes. For more about Encompass Group products that can help you keep residents safe without breaking your budget, message me on LinkedIn or call 1-800-245-4636.


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